Genting Club LaVon Brazill, suspended for substance abuse, released by Jim Irsay’s Colts

Genting Club

Genting Club One could guess that Colts receiver LaVon Brazill, after being suspended four games last year and indefinitely this year for repeated violations the NFL’s substance abuse policy, might have a problem.

เก็นติ้งคลับ But at least he was with a franchise whose owner, Jim Irsay, knew about substance-abuse problems and was open about his own struggles. Irsay was arrested for DWI and four counts of possession earlier this year, spoke candidly with the Indianapolis Star in June about the stigma of addiction and how it should be treated as a disease.

That’s what made Brazill’s release on Friday a bit strange. The message from the Colts seemed to be that they wouldn’t tolerate someone like Brazill, who got in trouble multiple times for drugs. Hmmm.

SBOBET Packers concerned that Brett Favre will get booed in Lambeau return


SBOBET The story about when Brett Favre will return to Lambeau Field for a jersey retirement is a big one in Wisconsin, one the media there asks about regularly. Fox Sports Wisconsin said the latest answer is that it’s doubtful to happen in 2014, although the door hasn’t been shut on Favre returning for a game this season and simply being introduced to the crowd.

SBO What was interesting about the Fox Sports Wisconsin report from Paul Imig is that Packers CEO Mark Murphy has legitimate concern about Packers fans booing Favre whenever he returns.

“That is an issue,” Murphy said to Fox Sports Wisconsin. “He doesn’t want it, and neither do we. He wouldn’t want to come back and get booed. You can’t control 80,750 people. I really think as time goes on, every year that passes it’s less likely that he would get booed, but that is an issue.”

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